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Quality certifications

Nico Velo always assured the highest excellence of their productions

Nico Velo Wine Tanks, a well-established quality


In our work, it is essential to do well.


This means providing products, services and solutions designed with attention to the specific needs of each customer and tailor-made for each project.


Therefore means knowing how to distinguish competence, determination and flexibility.


Nico Velo acknowledges the needs of the market increasingly competitive, sophisticated and selective, since 2000, has certified business processes and the productive sectors in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001, considering it a useful tool to achieve the satisfaction of its customers.

Certification Sincert
Certification CE
Certification SOA


In 2007 he obtained the certification of the factory production control of all of its facilities and CE marking of precast products.


Furthermore, Nico Velo SpA has received the certificate SOA for the execution of public works in categories 1 OG Class VI and OS 13 class IV.


Awards achieved:

The company has won the first prize in 1999 BIBM world for the best technical realization, for the execution of a bridge.


Company certifications:

In 2000 it acquired the certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001 in 2007 and the CE marking for the precast elements.


Quality certificates:

Nico Velo SpA is certified SOA for the execution of public works in categories 1 OG Class VI and OS 13 class IV.



Nico Velo patented products

Integrated cooling / heating serpentine

Integrated cooling and heating serpentine
Nico Velo SpA has patented the special serpentine heating / cooling capabilities.


Made with Tubes Hautherm S 16 x 2 mm. are integrated in the concrete walls of thickness from 11 to 14 cm.


In the tubes can circulate water or glycol at a temperature from +5 to + 45 .


The tank has 5 circuits (including 1 wall and 1 for the funds).


Managed by thermal sensor, performance is optimized based on the inertia and the relative mass of concrete, to keep the temperature constant and uniform over the entire surface.


ZED Technology
For "reverse polarity" and "bioenergy" of barrels NICO VELO


ZED Technology polarity invertersThe research ZED has long been committed to the study and development of systems for the protection of the harmful effects of static magnetism. In accordance with the latest scientific studies, the functions and vital processes are regulated by electromagnetic pulses that affect the biochemical processes.


A concrete structure with iron reinforcements, such as a barrel in concrete, has the characteristic of expressing a magnetic field of polarity plus. It is sufficient to reverse the polarity of the armature through the polarity inverters, which are cast in the tanks in contact with the iron reinforcement, to overcome the static magnetism caused by the presence of iron.


For this reason, devices with ZED is going to change the polarity of the iron plus neutralizing its oxidative potential.

bioenergetic device ZEDThere is also the possibility of applying, always drowned in the concrete, a bioenergetic device ZED that has the dual purpose of reinforcing the minus polarity, a fundamental characteristic of vital energy and to activate with natural vibrations, using the geometries of the form, details waves are able to maintain over time the characteristics of the wine.


Article courtesy of Archt. Dario Bonomo






The experience of a world-famous enologist



From the experience of the vats of NICO VELO with interior finish in natural cement, together with polarity inverter and device bioenergetic the ZED, I have to express an opinion in this regard very positive. Porto forward the work with these vats for many years, both in my cellar than in others.


In the comparison between wooden vats, the vats of concrete with iron armor without traditional devices ZED and finally the stainless steel vats, the results obtained with the vats of natural cement, applied with the ZED devices, have been very gratifying because the wines aged in this type of vat were more open sense of smell, very fragrant and fruity, with softer tannins.


Besides having advantages in refining, I also noticed that the fermentation kinetics was significantly better in the vats with interior finish in natural cement with polarity inverter and the bioenergetic device.

Article courtesy of Dr. Luca D'Attoma





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